Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris

Oh my goodness. I LOVE me some David Sedaris! Have you ever seen him live? If not, go find a ticket NOW!

Anyhoo. His new book is awesome. It’s a book of “Essays, Etc.” (the “etc.” being monologues he wrote for high school forensics members. They. are. awesome.)

He’s in true form here with his autobiographical essays. They are hilarious and touching. These essays cover everything from his first colonoscopy, musings while in line at an airport, being American overseas during the 2008 presidential election, feeling trapped in childhood, foreign travel and learning the language, and oh so much more.

“Loggerheads” was, for me, the most touching of all the more serious essays. In it, Sedaris uses baby sea turtles that he and his friend captured then didn’t care for appropriately as foils/metaphors for he and his friend’s struggles in childhood and just waiting, hoping, to break through the glass trapping them with the dream that there is “something better, perhaps even majestic, waiting for us to grow into it.” Maybe it’s because I’ve always had a super-soft spot for those baby sea turtles that risk their lives just to get to the water and so few of them make it and die before they can live and it breaks my heart…but, truly, the symbolism of those trapped turtles and the little boys trying to break into adulthood is a truly touching and appropriate way to show the struggles of growing up.

On the lighter side, “Author, Author” was laugh out loud funny (and not the only one that was in this book, btw). It follows him from start to finish on a book tour. The opening scene of him shopping for gifts for his readers with his brother-in-law was hi-lar-i-ous. I’ve heard a recording of Sedaris reading this one live, and that only made the reading experience even richer and more fabulous.

Go out and READ it!!!


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