The Bookish Toddler: Touch the Art Books

The Bookish Toddler Says: I love “Touch the Art” books. They have all sorts of great pictures, fun things to touch/pull/rub/lift/point to. BEST EVER!

The Bookish Girl Says: Oh my goodness. I have these books memorized. The Bookish Toddler makes me read at least one a day (if not more). We have 7 of them, and to the best of my knowledge, that is all but one. These books are pretty awesome even though I can recite them in my sleep. They are board books, and each book in the collection has about 9 or 10 pages worth of art masterpieces by various artists from various periods. However, they are not just simply reprinted, they each have some extra little something to attract the attention of the baby/toddler/child. For example: Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night has glitter on the starts for the little reader to touch; Mona Lisa has hair to brush; American Gothic has the man’s glasses cut out for the little reader to trace the circles. Each book covers one art theme or period (Impressionists, Renaissance art, pop art, ancient Egyptian artifacts, etc). The accompanying “story” is never that good. But, I tell myself, that’s not the point of these books. The point of these books is to introduce your kid to art. Someday I hope to bring my daughter to an art museum and she’ll recognize the pieces on the walls as ones she was introduced to through these books. The Bookish Toddler has made sure that I have the following Touch the Art Books memorized: Feed Matisse’s FishMake Van Gogh’s BedPop Warhol’s TopBrush Mona Lisa’s Hair, Count Monet’s LiliesCatch Picasso’s RoosterTickle Tut’s Toes (We don’t own Find King Henry’s Treasure).

FANTASTIC gift for a baby shower if you want to get something unique!!!

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